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Have you noticed how many girls apologise for “not wearing make-up” and “looking disgusting”?

That sounds ridiculous, right? But somehow, that’s the way a lot of girls feel and I have to be honest, that attitude rubs off on me too from time to time.

But since when do we need paint on our face to feel beautiful?


Disclamer: this post was made for men who don’t feel quite sure about what to do with their face. I’ve whooped up a simple routine for everyday and gave different price options for every budget. Girls, if you are reading this and know somebody who needs a little bit of help, feel free to share :) This post was not sponsored.

Right, let’s start with a very simple questionnaire:

Do you often feel lost in the world of endless shelves with beauty products?
Do you feel like your skin could look better if you had a set routine for everyday with products that actually work for your skin?
Does your skin often get irritated and uncomfortably dry?
Does your skin often get excessively oily?
Do you steal your girlfriend’s/wife’s/partner’s cream from time to time?

If you answered YES to 3 or more questions, it’s time we had a talk.

Spring beauty wish list / Весенний вишлист

Spring is here and so is my new beauty wishlist!  Read more about some of my latest finds —>

Новый вишлист к новому сезону! Предупреждение: после прочтения Вам может захотеться потратить неприличное количество денег ) — >

Current hair care favourites / Текущие фавориты по уходу за волосами

This a part 2 of my current favourites. Enjoy xx

Продолжая тему моих текущих фаворитов, сегодня я расскажу про мои любимые средства по уходу за волосами.

Current skincare and make-up favourites / Текущие фавориты в макияже и уходе за кожей

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post. This one will be all about my current favourites in skincare and make-up. Hope you enjoy! xx

Всем привет! Добро пожаловать! Мой первый пост посвящен моим текущим фаворитам в уходе за кожей и макияже. Надеюсь, вам понравится!

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